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Apple employees initiated wage and hour disputes with employer

Tennessee employees have the right to expect fair pay for the hours they work. This means all of the time they are technically on the clock, including time spent going through company security measures. Apple employees recently initiated wage and hour disputes against their employer for failing to pay them for time spent going through bag checks, which was a required security measure for all company employees.

Company policy requires that hourly workers submit to a bag check when leaving the building. They must also submit to searches of devices and packages they are taking with them as well. A court recently ruled that when workers go through this process, they are technically still under the control of Apple, which means they should be paid for this time. While these checks happen after clocking out, they are mandatory, and workers can face consequences if they don’t submit. 

In 2013, two employees sought to hold the company accountable for these practices. Their initial attempts were not successful as the case was dismissed in 2015. When the issue was brought back in front of a court, it was determined that workers should receive compensation for their time spend in line and waiting for the completion of security checks. 

Employees in Tennessee may sometimes find it necessary to engage in wage and hour disputes in order to secure their rightfully earned wages. This is an appropriate course of action for a person who believes the employer withheld hourly pay or overtime wages. This case involving Apple’s security policies illustrates what can happen when workers speak out against unfair pay practices.