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School employees may have to engage in wage and hour disputes

School employees sometimes work odd hours and have nontraditional schedules as their work may depend on when school is session. Some types of school district employees might find it necessary to engage in wage and hour disputes when they learn they are not receiving fair pay for hours worked. Recently, a former school district employee filed a lawsuit for unpaid overtime, and she was successful in her efforts.

Tennessee school employees and those who work for the district may find themselves victims of unfair pay practices. This often takes place by failing to pay employees for overtime hours worked. In this specific case, the district employee says she worked over 3,000 overtime hours for which she did not get paid. This took place over a period of three years.

According to the lawsuit, the former employee’s job description and responsibilities changed over the course of her employment with the district. Eventually, she was unable to complete her tasks within 40 hours per week, resulting in thousands of overtime hours worked. Despite the number of hours worked, she was not allowed to include more than 40 hours on her time sheet. The school board recently voted to settle the federal lawsuit, and the plaintiff will receive over $65,000. 

Wage and hour disputes can be complicated, but they are sometimes necessary. This option allows workers to fight for fair payment for the hours they’ve worked and hold employers accountable for unfair pay practices. If a Tennessee employee is the victim of unpaid overtime or another issue, that individual may want to seek legal counsel regarding the most appropriate way to move forward.