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Wage and hour disputes result in major payout for firefighter

Tennessee employees have the right to expect fair pay for the hours they work, including overtime hours. One firefighter in another state did not receive appropriate pay for overtime hours, and he took legal action to fight back, ultimately securing a settlement of $560,000. Workers have the right to pursue wage and hour disputes in order to claim what they are rightfully owed. 

This firefighter brought to light unfair pay practices that affected his income over the course of several years. He says he worked thousands of overtime hours, but his employer underreported hours worked or did not report them at all. The claimant says the number of hours for which he did not receive pay amounts to approximately 5,200. Some of these hours were associated with his job with the city, but others were related to separate or distinct jobs he did.

According to the lawsuit, the man did not receive pay for time that he worked on a committee that worked on overseeing the process of building new fire engines. He performed on-site inspections and trained other workers on how to use equipment properly. He also worked many overtime hours after a shooting at a public festival.

Wage and hour disputes are sometimes a necessary step for unpaid Tennessee workers. Unfair pay practices are unacceptable in any type of workplace, and an employee does not have to stay silent on these things. If a workers suspects unpaid overtime or other employment issues, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney.