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Fighting for beneficial resolution to wage and hour disputes

Employers are responsible for paying workers fairly. This means properly classifying them properly and paying for overtime hours worked. Some Tennessee employers engage in unfair pay practices, and employees end up with less money than they’ve rightfully earned. Wage and hour disputes can be complicated, and underpaid employees may have to resort to legal action in order to secure fair compensation.

Wage and hour violations can encompass a wide range of improper pay practices, and employees may not be aware that they are victims. One common way this happens is failing to pay employees properly for overtime hours. Employees classified as nonexempt are eligible for time and a half for every hour worked over the standard 40 hours per week. Another way that employers avoid paying employees the full amount is by requiring or implying that employees have to do certain tasks off the clock.

Underpaying employees, failing to pay overtime and misclassifying workers is essentially a way to steal wages from certain types of employees. The Fair Labor Standards Act ensures the rights of hourly workers and regulates everything from required minimum wage to overtime pay. It is possible to hold Tennessee employers accountable for violations of the FLSA. 

Wage and hour disputes are the result of the unfair and illegal treatment of hourly employees. If a worker believes he or she is a victim, it may be appropriate to move forward with a civil claim against the employer. Through this course of action, an employee may be able to recover lost wages and related damages.