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Wage and hour disputes involving Tennessee music studio

One well-known music studio in Tennessee is facing allegations of illegal business practices. Blackbird Studios, run by country singer Martina McBride and her husband, is dealing with a lawsuit filed by a former employee for mistreatment of unpaid interns, illegal firing practices and other employment matters. Wage and hour disputes, illegal termination and questionable business practices can be grounds for employees to take legal action against employers. 

The McBrides supposedly required unpaid interns to do inappropriate tasks, such as pick up groceries, pick up food orders and even check for intruders. The former operations manager reported these conditions to authorities, after which he was fired. The manager also claims the McBrides regularly berated the interns, yelling at them for incomplete tasks. One example was Mr. McBride purportedly screaming at an intern over a salad ordered for Martina McBride’s lunch.

Another allegation against the music studio is the failure to pay engineers overtime after they worked more than 40 hours per week. There are recordings that indicate the operations manager was fired almost immediately after reporting the illegal practices taking place at the Tennessee studio. It is against the law to fire an employee for reporting illegal or unfair practices in a workplace. 

The former operations manager is suing for almost $600,000. This is an example of how an employee can fight to pursue claims of unfair pay practices, unpaid overtime and more. Wage and hour disputes and pay concerns can be complex, which is why it is helpful to work through these issues with an experienced attorney who can explain the legal options available.