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Wage and hour disputes leads to payout for employees

Tennessee employees deserve payment for hours worked, and eligible employees deserve appropriate overtime pay for anytime they work over their normal 40-hour workweek. When a company engages in unfair pay practices and fails to pay workers what they deserve, it may result in wage and hour disputes. One company recently paid employees a settlement to cover lost wages and unpaid overtime.

When employees experience this type of unacceptable treatment, it could be grounds to move forward with legal action. The company can also face expensive fines for violating labor laws and federal pay standards. This roofing company was ordered to pay $48,206 to almost 70 employees, and it also had to pay thousands of dollars in fines for violating child labor laws.

Many employers deny allegations and do everything in their power to minimize their financial obligation for wage and hour violations. However, this company agreed with the terms of the citations and determined the consequences to be fair. A spokesman for the business said a lot was learned from the situation, and going forward, they will strive to do everything possible to treat employees better.

Tennessee workers may not be initially aware that they are being underpaid, and when they discover this is happening, they may be reluctant to speak out. However, wage and hour disputes are sometimes necessary in order to secure rightfully earned pay and hold employers accountable for what happened. It is helpful to work with an experienced employment law attorney, starting with seeking an assessment of the case and explanation of workers’ rights.