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Wage and hour disputes in the construction industry

Tennessee employers have the obligation to fairly pay employees for worked they've completed. When they fail to do this, it often lead to wage and hour disputes as workers engage in legal action to collect what they've rightfully earned. Unpaid overtime and failing to properly pay wages by misclassifying workers is a form of wage theft, and victims have the right to fight back.

Fighting for fair pay in wage and hour disputes

Tennessee employees should receive fair pay for the time they've worked. Unfortunately, an employer may try to underpay workers or fail to pay them for overtime. The result may be wage and hour disputes, through which workers may fight for the fair pay they deserve. These can be complex legal battles, but workers have the right to pursue recourse for unfair pay practices.

Employees allege mismanagement of ERISA contributions

Former employees of Teva Pharmaceuticals USA have filed a claim against their former employer over contributions made to retirement accounts. Employers have the obligation to manage retirement accounts on behalf of their employees well, and mismanagement of these accounts can lead to legal claims over ERISA fiduciary duty. In this specific complaint, the plaintiffs claim the company chose plans that resulted in high fees.

Guidance regarding mass torts claims

When a Tennessee consumer suffers harm because of a third party, it may be appropriate for the injured party to seek appropriate legal recourse through a civil claim. In some cases, many consumers have experienced the same thing as a result of a particular product, and they may be able to pursue compensation in a group effort, called a mass torts claim. Mass torts allow consumers to have a stronger voice and a higher chance of securing a just and appropriate outcome.

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