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Fighting for fair pay in wage and hour disputes

Tennessee employees should receive fair pay for the time they’ve worked. Unfortunately, an employer may try to underpay workers or fail to pay them for overtime. The result may be wage and hour disputes, through which workers may fight for the fair pay they deserve. These can be complex legal battles, but workers have the right to pursue recourse for unfair pay practices.

One way that employers sometimes do this is by misclassifying some hourly workers. By saying they are exempt employees, they believe they can avoid paying overtime and minimum wage. Employers may also ask an employee to work off the clock or do certain tasks before or after clocking in or out. These are seemingly small ways to cut corners, but it can result in significantly less pay for deserving workers.

Another way that a Tennessee employer may try and underpay workers is by offering time off as compensation for overtime hours worked instead of actually paying the employee. Employees may not be immediately aware of the ways their employer is trying to underpay them. The Fair Labor Standards Act protects the rights of these workers and ensures they have grounds to pursue the full amount of pay they’ve earned.

Wage and hour disputes are complicated, and a worker may not be certain what to do upon learning that his or her employer is not paying fairly. It may be useful to simply start to reach out to a legal ally experienced in wage and hour laws. It is possible an underpaid employee has the right to pursue legal action against the employer.