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Guidance regarding mass torts claims

When a Tennessee consumer suffers harm because of a third party, it may be appropriate for the injured party to seek appropriate legal recourse through a civil claim. In some cases, many consumers have experienced the same thing as a result of a particular product, and they may be able to pursue compensation in a group effort, called a mass torts claim. Mass torts allow consumers to have a stronger voice and a higher chance of securing a just and appropriate outcome.

Mass torts cases can result from harmful products, such as dangerous medication or medical product. They can also come from cases related to issues such as mishandling employee benefits, production of dangerous consumer products, violation of consumer protection acts and more. One person’s claim may be too expensive or complex to litigate alone, but a mass torts claim gives consumers a chance to litigate together and move forward with a joint claim based upon substantially similar allegations of negligence.

In a mass tort claim, there is a lead plaintiff. There must be clear evidence that multiple parties have suffered similar harm in order for the case to move forward. These cases are complex, and they can take a long time to resolve. 

Tennessee consumers interested in joining mass torts or class action claims will find it beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney about their options. An evaluation of their case can reveal what options may be available to them. Knowledgeable guidance at every step of the process is an essential component of securing compensation through this specific type of civil claim.