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Wage and hour disputes in the construction industry

Tennessee employers have the obligation to fairly pay employees for worked they’ve completed. When they fail to do this, it often lead to wage and hour disputes as workers engage in legal action to collect what they’ve rightfully earned. Unpaid overtime and failing to properly pay wages by misclassifying workers is a form of wage theft, and victims have the right to fight back.

This can easily happen in the construction industry when an employer misclassifies a worker in order to avoid paying minimum wage and overtime. Recently, a U.S. District Court found a construction company in contempt after it failed to pay the full amount it owed to workers. Previously in 2016, the company agreed to pay workers a settlement of $2.4 million in unpaid wages after allegations of unfair pay practices arose. This past fall, however, it was discovered that the company had only paid $480,000.

The original allegations against the company stemmed from workers being improperly classified as independent contractors. After being held in contempt for failing to pay the original settlement, the construction company could be facing additional financial penalties. Workers have the right continue fighting for what they are owed, even if it is years later. 

Wage and hour disputes can be complex legal battles. If a Tennessee employee believes he or she is owed additional wages, it may be appropriate to move forward with legal action. Because of the nature of these types of cases, it is helpful to work with an experienced legal ally before moving forward. Whether it is in settlement negotiations or through the litigation process, it is helpful to have knowledgeable guidance.