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Mass torts attorney: Experience with spam and robocall lawsuits

Most in Tennessee have experienced the annoyance and inconvenience of getting telemarketing calls. They can come during the evening, while trying to enjoy a meal, early in the morning and virtually any other time of day.  The Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Telemarketing Sales Rule provide consumers some measure of protection against these types of calls, and in some cases, they can provide grounds to work with a mass torts attorney and move forward with spam and robocall lawsuits.

May is National Cancer Research Month -- mesothelioma

Every year, numerous Tennessee residents are diagnosed with cancer. As May is National Cancer Research Month, it seems an appropriate time to talk about one type of cancer in particular -- mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is generally caused by exposure to toxic substances, such as asbestos. It is a cancer for which there is no cure, but researchers are hopeful that there will be.

Dick's employees initiate wage and hour disputes for overtime pay

Dick's Sporting Goods, a sporting goods megastore with locations throughout the United States, is facing legal action over alleged unfair pay practices. Employees of the company have engaged in wage and hour disputes because of unpaid overtime. This case serves as an example of ways Tennessee workers can speak out and fight for their rights when they are not paid fairly.

Truck drivers publicly engage in wage and hour disputes

When an employer does not pay a worker what he or she is owed or somehow blocks him or her from getting fair pay, that is a form of wage theft. Employees in Tennessee have the right to pursue their unpaid wages, even if that means engaging in wage and hour disputes, and taking their complaints public. This happened recently in another state when truck drivers staged a protest over alleged wage theft. 

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