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Dick’s employees initiate wage and hour disputes for overtime pay

Dick’s Sporting Goods, a sporting goods megastore with locations throughout the United States, is facing legal action over alleged unfair pay practices. Employees of the company have engaged in wage and hour disputes because of unpaid overtime. This case serves as an example of ways Tennessee workers can speak out and fight for their rights when they are not paid fairly.

The lawsuit against Dick’s involves 18 assistant store managers from 14 stores in multiple states. They claim the company violated fair pay laws by misclassifying some of the employees. This is a tactic sometimes used by employers to avoid paying overtime and other benefits to specific workers. There are both state and federal laws in place that protect the rights of hourly workers. They have the right to overtime amounting to at least time and a half for every hour they work over 40 hours in one work week.

When there is a problem with pay, employees may be hesitant to speak out. They may be unsure of what their rights are or if it’s even possible to hold an employer accountable for unfair pay procedures. This can be particularly true for employees of large companies with multiple locations.

Wage and hour disputes are complex legal fights, but it is possible to successfully move forward with a lawsuit over unpaid overtime. Tennessee workers have the right to pursue what they’ve earned from their employers. If a worker suspects something is wrong with their pay, they may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced employment law attorney.