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Defective product causes serious burns, leads to lawsuit

Many people in Tennessee know their way around the kitchen. In addition to often being a necessity, cooking is also a hobby that many individuals enjoy. It is common for people to have various cooking appliances in their kitchens to help them complete the meals they want to prepare. Unfortunately, a defective product could result in serious injuries to those just trying to make an enjoyable meal.

It was recently reported that a federal class action lawsuit was filed against Sunbeam Products Inc. due to defects associated with its Crock-Pot Express Pressure Cooker. Information in the report indicated that in Jan. 2018, a woman was preparing a meal for her family using a pressure cooker. The woman stated that she followed the instructions for use provided in the owner’s guide and attempted to open the cooker when the pressure valve indicated a safe level of remaining pressure. However, a significant amount of pressure remained, and she was scalded with the contents of the pot when she opened the lid.

The incident resulted in the woman suffering first and second-degree burns to various parts of her body. As a result, she filed a lawsuit claiming that the product has two defects. One defect relates to the pressure valve which indicated a safe level of pressure when the level was not safe, and the safety feature that is supposed to prevent the lid from being removed if too much pressure remains did not work properly as the woman was able to remove the lid easily despite the pressure.

Many people may use a defective product without knowing there is an issue until it is too late. Unfortunately, as this case shows, serious pain and injuries can result when a product does not function properly. Tennessee residents affected by this product or who have experienced injuries due to other harmful products may wish to look into their legal options.