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Label changed to list significant side effects of Elmiron

At some point in most Tennessee residents’ lives, they will take medication for a medical condition. For some, a short round of antibiotics may be needed to deal with an illness. For others, long-term use of a certain medication may prove necessary to treat a chronic condition. Though every medication is different and everyone’s reactions to medications can differ, some drugs can have damaging side effects that the public needs to know about.

It was recently reported that a label change has occurred for Elmiron, a prescription drug used to treat a condition commonly known as bladder pain syndrome. Apparently, studies have been conducted that examine the side effects of this drug, and those studies have found that a significant percentage of people with long-term exposure to the drug have experienced some type of vision impairment or vision loss. Because bladder pain syndrome is not an uncommon condition, it is possible for numerous individuals to be taking this medication and putting themselves at risk of vision loss.

The change pertains to the fact that Elmiron did not have vision loss or macular damage listed as a potential side effect. However, seeing spots, blurry vision, retinal maculopathy, complete blindness and other impairments have been reported by individuals using this medication. A recent update to the drug’s label indicates that vision changes and eye disease are possible with long term use.

Though some Tennessee residents may feel relieved to find a medication that alleviates issues associated with a chronic condition, that relief can turn sour when the drug has serious side effects. When consumers are not warned about potentially harmful effects, they may feel as if companies have not done their part to provide proper protections. This label change can certainly help individuals understand the risks, but it comes after numerous users have already suffered serious vision damage through use of the medication. As a result, a class action lawsuit is underway.