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Tennessee EMT is lead plaintiff in wage violation suit

In difficult times, people from across the country often need to come together to help in struggling areas. Workers in specific jobs may be needed to leave their local area in order to assist in those locations low on manpower. However, when a person leaves his or her hometown to carry out duties in another area, the expectation is to receive the agreed upon pay. Unfortunately, wage violations could occur.

It was recently reported that a first responder from Tennessee is acting as the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against his out-of-state employer after being deployed to that state to provide paramedic services. Apparently, the man went to work for a private ambulance company to assist in an area hit hard by the current health pandemic. As part of the agreement, the man and his co-workers were supposed to receive 24-hour pay to account for 12-hour shifts and on-call time during their out-of-state deployment.

According to reports, the man and the other workers were not paid for their full 12-hour shifts and were not provided compensation for travel expenses or overtime. In addition to unpaid wages, during their on-call time, the workers could not leave their hotel rooms, and their whereabouts were monitored by GPS and activities restricted. The report also claims that the company wants workers to sign an agreement to void unpaid wages.

It can be immensely difficult to contend with wage violations. Workers in Tennessee and across the country put their hard work in on their shifts in order to earn their agreed-upon wages. When an employer does not uphold that agreement, it may be necessary to move forward with legal action in efforts to obtain the owed compensation.