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Defective product could expose users to carbon monoxide

Though many Tennessee residents do their research on certain products before making a purchase, it does not mean that they will always obtain a perfect product. In fact, some people may buy an item thinking it will serve its purpose, but a defective product could post a serious health risk without warning. If numerous individuals are affected by such a problem, class action litigation could result.

It was recently reported that Triangle Tube, a hot water heater manufacturer and supplier, has issued a recall for 22 boiler models due to the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. The boilers, sold under the brand name Prestige, apparently have a defect involving the vent tube becoming detached from the boiler. This detachment can cause hazardous gas to leak into users’ homes. The recall affects 63,000 gas boilers, and the company has offered free repair to consumers who have purchased the product.

Unfortunately, the recall has come too late for at least one individual who died after being exposed to carbon monoxide that leaked from the boiler. It was noted that two other reports had been made from consumers whose vent tubes had detached from the boiler. Though few reports have been made so far, it is possible for more affected individuals to come forward.

Carbon monoxide can quickly cause serious illness and death to those who are exposed. This threat is often difficult to detect because the gas is colorless and odorless. If Tennessee residents have suffered serious illness or lost a loved one due to this defective product, they may have reason to consider taking legal action. If the problem has cause harm to numerous people, a class action lawsuit may suit the situation.