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Wage violations can lead to class action lawsuits

In recent years, and even more so in recent months, it has become much more common for consumers to order food for take out and have their food delivered using various food delivery services. Often, these services utilize drivers who the companies consider independent contractors. However, that classification has come into question more than once, and class action lawsuits over wages have resulted.

Tennessee readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit that is coming to a settlement in another state. The lawsuit involves Waitr, a food order and delivery service, and the company’s delivery drivers. The two lead plaintiffs in the case claim that they were misclassified as independent contractors when they should have been considered employees. As a result, they were not paid minimum wage or overtime compensation. Both drivers claimed that they were underpaid by more than $250 each week.

The case has been active for approximately 18 months, but now, it is close to coming to a final settlement. The current proposal includes Waitr issuing 1.5 million shares of company stock to the affected drivers, which is estimated to have a value of about $7.4 million. The report indicated that representatives for Waitr did not respond to interview requests, and as a result, no comment was provided from the company in the report.

Class action lawsuits can help numerous employees fight back against wage violations. Individuals work hard to earn fair wages, and when they do not receive minimum wage or overtime pay when applicable, they could end up hurting financially. As this case shows, it may be necessary to move forward with legal action to remedy wage theft, and if Tennessee workers are facing similar issues, they may want to consider their own available legal options.