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Medication injuries can warrant legal action in some cases

Most Tennessee residents trust their doctors and other medical professionals to provide with them sound advice and approved medications. Of course, even if a medication is approved by the Federal Drug Administration, it does not mean that the drug will not have unforeseen or undisclosed effects on consumers. In some cases, medication injuries can result from medications, and users may have reason to take legal action.

Typically, medications come with a long list of possible side effects, ranging from drowsiness to even death. Of course, the likelihood of these effects occurring can depend on certain factors, including gender, medical history, current health conditions, other medications being taken and more. Still, if a person or multiple people suffer serious harm from taking a certain medication, legal action may still suit the situation even if the FDA approved the drug for use.

The likelihood of a successful legal claim can depend on certain details as well. For example, if a patient was warned by his or her doctor, a pharmacist, or the warnings on the medication packaging about the potential side effects and chose to take the medication anyway, the claim may be less solid. However, that does not mean that a case is unnecessary as certain side effects may not have been listed on the packaging or may not have been known by medical professionals.

If patients in Tennessee believe that they suffered harm from undisclosed drug side effects or if they believe a medication that was defective or dishonestly marketed lead to serious adverse effects, they may want to explore their legal options. In many cases, numerous people are affected by medication injuries, and class action lawsuits may be warranted. In order to determine their available courses of action, interested parties may want to consult with experienced attorneys.