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Toxic ingredient turns hand sanitizer into dangerous product

These days, hand sanitizer is a hot commodity, and many companies that did not distribute the product previously have started doing so to help meet demands. However, not all products are manufactured in the same way or using the same ingredients. In some cases, consumers may think they are getting a standard hand sanitizer when they actually end up with a dangerous product.

Tennessee readers may be interested in a lawsuit recently filed in another state regarding a recalled hand sanitizer product. According to reports, 4e Brands North America recalled Blumen hand sanitizer after the Food and Drug Administration found that the product contained methanol, which a toxic and potentially deadly wood alcohol. One woman has filed suit against the company and seeks class action status after her children suffered ill effects after using the product.

The claim indicates that the children suffered headaches and vomiting after using the toxic hand sanitizer. The ages of the children were not provided in the report. Though contacted regarding the lawsuit, 4e Brands did not provide a comment. It is unclear at this time whether the case will achieve class action status, but more information may be available at a later time.

Suffering ill effects from a dangerous product can have long-lasting impacts on children and adults, depending on the issue. As this case shows, it may be warrants to pursue legal action against a negligent company that caused harm to consumers. If Tennessee residents have been negatively affected by this product or others, they may want to look into their legal options.