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Asbestos exposure linked to many cases of mesothelioma

For many people headed to the doctor, the biggest fear the potential of hearing the "c" word, cancer. Cancer in any form typically requires aggressive and expensive treatments, which can include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and even surgery. Thanks to advances in modern medicine, survival and remission rates for many kinds of cancer have gone up substantially in the last two decades. Early detection, advances in surgical technology and improved drugs give most people with a cancer diagnosis a fighting chance at a long life.

What qualifies as working off the clock?

Has your employer ever required you to do work after you had already “clocked out” for the day? While some employers can require employees to work late, these workers have a right to receive compensation for their time. Working without pay is illegal under the FLSA and workers may be able to recover back pay if they were forced to work off the clock. We will go over what qualifies as working off the clock and what protections workers receive as part of the FLSA.

Lawsuit filed for defective eclipse glasses

The nationwide solar eclipse last month was a once in a lifetime event for many. It had been 38 years since the last total eclipse in the country and 99 years since an eclipse had been visible across the continental US. While there are no Nielsen ratings for the sky, polls leading to the event suggested that half of the US population would watch it live.

Protecting the rights of immigrant workers from abuse

Regardless of citizenship status, workers within the United States are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act. This act ensures that workers receive minimum wages, overtime pay and protects against child labor violations. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of immigrant laborers’ vulnerability, and try to strip them of their basic rights. 

Fighting To Get Treatment For Hepatitis C Infected Prisoners

A lawsuit against the Tennessee Department of Corrections over its insufficient treatment of prisoners infected with Hepatitis C has been granted class action status, and Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings, PLLC, attorney Karla Campbell is on the legal team.

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