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Amazon pay policy causes wage disputes

Overtime hours may not be attractive to a Tennessee worker who has already spent 40 hours doing heavy, manual labor. This is why overtime pay is an important incentive and one that is protected by law. The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes guidelines to prevent employers from taking advantage of their employees by mandating time-and-a-half pay for hours worked beyond 40 each week. Unfortunately, some organizations violate FLSA and force their workers into wage disputes.

Reality show employees win wage and hour dispute

The average TV viewer in Tennessee may not realize the stress and grind of working on a television crew. However, the hours can be long and grueling, especially for those working on crews of reality TV shows where the participants are filmed throughout the day and night. Viewers may have a better appreciation for the difficult work when they learn that some reality show employees have had to fight through wage and hour disputes to get their fair share.

Wage and hour disputes report surprises many

Few people simply put in their time for their wages. If they have families to support, workers may also make many sacrifices for their jobs, including long hours on their feet, dealing with demanding customers and giving up weekends and holidays. Unfortunately for many workers in Tennessee and elsewhere, wage and hour disputes are common because, too often, employers treat their workers unfairly.

Court ruling affects Chipotle wage-and-hour disputes

Many workers in Tennessee and across the country already feel they have little leverage when it comes to violations of their employee rights. For years, such workers have found satisfaction in pursuing class action lawsuits against employees in areas such as systematic discrimination and wage-and-hour disputes. A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision may remove this options for certain workers, and some allegedly ill-used employees are already feeling the repercussions.

DOL pilots program to reduce wage and hour disputes

A Tennessee worker keeping a close eye on his or her paycheck may notice a variation between the expected pay and the pay received. This discrepancy may be due to unpaid overtime, off-the-clock duties or meal breaks subtracted even if the employee continued working. If a worker wanted to file a wage and hour dispute, he or she could expect to struggle for months or years seeking satisfaction for the unpaid wages. However, a new government program may bring relief to workers and employers dealing with wage issues.

Working off the clock leads to wage and hour disputes

The Fair Labor Standards Act protects workers from employers who may otherwise take advantage of them through wage theft. FLSA establishes a 40-hour work week, after which time an employee should be paid overtime wages. However, sometimes, Tennessee employers try to skirt the FLSA by requiring employees to work off the clock. This frequently leads to wage and hour disputes.

Can employers charge workers for their uniforms?

Wearing a uniform to work makes an employee easily identifiable to customers and others who may need to recognize them. For example, nurses, police officers and maintenance workers wear uniforms so that people can locate them quickly. Many Tennessee businesses require their workers to wear some kind of uniform that identifies them as part of the staff, whether it is a polo shirt with a company logo or an apron in the color of the business trademark. However, some employees may wonder if their bosses can charge them the cost of their uniforms.

CDL drivers claim misclassification cost them benefits

Some of the most egregious examples of wage theft occur when employers misclassify their workers. By calling workers contractors instead of employees, business owners in Tennessee and elsewhere profit in various ways, such as avoiding having to provide benefits for the workers. However, one group of cartage drivers in another state has gathered to file a class action lawsuit against their employer for misclassification that resulted in a violation of their rights.

Tip sharing may stir many wage and hour disputes

A tip dropped on the table or added to a credit card payment can be a statement of dissatisfaction or a generous thank you for prompt and courteous service. For many in the service industry in Tennessee, tips often mean the difference between making a living and struggling to survive. However, a proposal currently circulating in the U.S. Department of Labor is considering a measure that may create a tense atmosphere between servers and employers, as well as opportunities for many wage and hour disputes.

Workers fight wage and hour disputes for overtime

Food services jobs are difficult, demanding and historically low-paying. Often, when Tennessee high school students look for their first jobs, they apply at fast food restaurants and as kitchen help in diners. For them, job experience plus having a few bucks in their pockets or saving to buy a car are the main goals, However, for those who work in hospitality as a way to support their families, the paycheck is everything. Wage and hour disputes can be frustrating and demoralizing.

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