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When is appropriate to engage in wage and hour disputes?

Tennessee employers have the obligation to pay their workers fairly. This means giving them what they're rightfully owed, such as after they've worked overtime. Unpaid overtime is only one of the many ways wage theft can occur, and employees do not have to simply endure this type of unfair treatment in silence. Victims of this practice have the right to speak out and engage in wage and hour disputes. 

Restaurant workers engage in wage and hour disputers for overtime

When a Tennessee worker does not get the full amount of money he or she deserves from an employer, it is grounds to move forward with a civil claim. Unpaid wages are grounds for wage and hour disputes, particularly when an employer does not properly classify workers or fails to pay rightful overtime wages. Restaurant workers at a Golden Corral in another state recently filed a lawsuit because the employer did not pay them enough.

Dick's employees initiate wage and hour disputes for overtime pay

Dick's Sporting Goods, a sporting goods megastore with locations throughout the United States, is facing legal action over alleged unfair pay practices. Employees of the company have engaged in wage and hour disputes because of unpaid overtime. This case serves as an example of ways Tennessee workers can speak out and fight for their rights when they are not paid fairly.

Truck drivers publicly engage in wage and hour disputes

When an employer does not pay a worker what he or she is owed or somehow blocks him or her from getting fair pay, that is a form of wage theft. Employees in Tennessee have the right to pursue their unpaid wages, even if that means engaging in wage and hour disputes, and taking their complaints public. This happened recently in another state when truck drivers staged a protest over alleged wage theft. 

Wage and hour disputes in the construction industry

Tennessee employers have the obligation to fairly pay employees for worked they've completed. When they fail to do this, it often lead to wage and hour disputes as workers engage in legal action to collect what they've rightfully earned. Unpaid overtime and failing to properly pay wages by misclassifying workers is a form of wage theft, and victims have the right to fight back.

Fighting for fair pay in wage and hour disputes

Tennessee employees should receive fair pay for the time they've worked. Unfortunately, an employer may try to underpay workers or fail to pay them for overtime. The result may be wage and hour disputes, through which workers may fight for the fair pay they deserve. These can be complex legal battles, but workers have the right to pursue recourse for unfair pay practices.

Wage and hour disputes leads to payout for employees

Tennessee employees deserve payment for hours worked, and eligible employees deserve appropriate overtime pay for anytime they work over their normal 40-hour workweek. When a company engages in unfair pay practices and fails to pay workers what they deserve, it may result in wage and hour disputes. One company recently paid employees a settlement to cover lost wages and unpaid overtime.

Wage-and-hour disputes after resort under pays its employees

For individuals who work in the hospitality industry in Tennessee, they know how difficult it is to work in this field. Customers can be demanding, the hours are long and the work is hard. At the very least, they should be receiving fair pay for the hours they work, including overtime hours. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as illustrated by wage-and-hour disputes in another state that resulted in a finding that a resort underpaid its workers by $46,000.

Fighting for beneficial resolution to wage and hour disputes

Employers are responsible for paying workers fairly. This means properly classifying them properly and paying for overtime hours worked. Some Tennessee employers engage in unfair pay practices, and employees end up with less money than they've rightfully earned. Wage and hour disputes can be complicated, and underpaid employees may have to resort to legal action in order to secure fair compensation.

Wage and hour disputes involving Tennessee music studio

One well-known music studio in Tennessee is facing allegations of illegal business practices. Blackbird Studios, run by country singer Martina McBride and her husband, is dealing with a lawsuit filed by a former employee for mistreatment of unpaid interns, illegal firing practices and other employment matters. Wage and hour disputes, illegal termination and questionable business practices can be grounds for employees to take legal action against employers. 

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