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Wage and hour disputes often necessary due to violations

Having a love-hate relationship with money is something that many people in Tennessee and elsewhere struggle with. They may hate that they never seem to have enough money, but love that it allows them to provide for themselves and their families. When it turns out that employers are not properly compensating workers, that love-hate relationship could turn into wage and hour disputes.

Food services workers often victims of wage theft

Most people in Tennessee think they would know if someone were stealing from them. However, some thieves are slick and prey on those who may be vulnerable or lack the knowledge to realize they have been victimized. Wage theft is one example of stealing that is often too subtle to be recognized as theft, and the workers who are most often victims are those in food services.

Wage and hour disputes related to rest and meal breaks

Every state has its rules governing the amount of time employers are required to provide for their workers to rest and eat. Rest breaks and meal breaks are not obligated by every state, but some, such as Tennessee, do require meal breaks for workers. It is not uncommon for employees and their bosses to face wage and hour disputes regarding these breaks. There are important facts to understand about the law in order for workers to recognize when an employer is denying them their rights.

Nannies and domestic workers often face wage theft

For many, finding a job right out of high school or college is not part of the plan. Some choose to find work that provides a different kind of experience than the usual retail or corporate world offers. Being a nanny is one attractive way to earn money and gain experience for those who love children and may be considering a career in education or child care. However, it is not always easy to find a family that knows and is willing to follow the laws that protect nannies from wage theft.

Wage and hour dispute clarifies trivial time off the clock

People spend a few minutes doing little things all day long. At the end of the day, they often wonder where the time went. A little time spent waiting for traffic lights, watching commercials or playing just one more game on one's phone adds up to many minutes or even hours. If a Tennessee worker spends the day doing tasks that take just a few minutes, it may not be such a big deal, unless those tasks are completed off the clock. One state has clarified a wage and hour dispute regarding off-the-clock assignments at a national coffee chain.

Car wash owners often at center of wage and hour disputes

When a Tennessee worker is struggling to support a family or to save money for a better life, every dollar counts. Hourly workers in particular may find it a struggle to make ends meet, especially if their employers take advantage of them. While the law protects workers from unfair wage policies, unscrupulous employers may take advantage of workers' lack of knowledge of those labor laws. Recently in another state, a wage and hour dispute brought justice to hundreds of workers whose boss regularly violated their rights.

Amazon pay policy causes wage disputes

Overtime hours may not be attractive to a Tennessee worker who has already spent 40 hours doing heavy, manual labor. This is why overtime pay is an important incentive and one that is protected by law. The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes guidelines to prevent employers from taking advantage of their employees by mandating time-and-a-half pay for hours worked beyond 40 each week. Unfortunately, some organizations violate FLSA and force their workers into wage disputes.

Reality show employees win wage and hour dispute

The average TV viewer in Tennessee may not realize the stress and grind of working on a television crew. However, the hours can be long and grueling, especially for those working on crews of reality TV shows where the participants are filmed throughout the day and night. Viewers may have a better appreciation for the difficult work when they learn that some reality show employees have had to fight through wage and hour disputes to get their fair share.

Wage and hour disputes report surprises many

Few people simply put in their time for their wages. If they have families to support, workers may also make many sacrifices for their jobs, including long hours on their feet, dealing with demanding customers and giving up weekends and holidays. Unfortunately for many workers in Tennessee and elsewhere, wage and hour disputes are common because, too often, employers treat their workers unfairly.

Court ruling affects Chipotle wage-and-hour disputes

Many workers in Tennessee and across the country already feel they have little leverage when it comes to violations of their employee rights. For years, such workers have found satisfaction in pursuing class action lawsuits against employees in areas such as systematic discrimination and wage-and-hour disputes. A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision may remove this options for certain workers, and some allegedly ill-used employees are already feeling the repercussions.

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