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CDL drivers claim misclassification cost them benefits

Some of the most egregious examples of wage theft occur when employers misclassify their workers. By calling workers contractors instead of employees, business owners in Tennessee and elsewhere profit in various ways, such as avoiding having to provide benefits for the workers. However, one group of cartage drivers in another state has gathered to file a class action lawsuit against their employer for misclassification that resulted in a violation of their rights.

Tip sharing may stir many wage and hour disputes

A tip dropped on the table or added to a credit card payment can be a statement of dissatisfaction or a generous thank you for prompt and courteous service. For many in the service industry in Tennessee, tips often mean the difference between making a living and struggling to survive. However, a proposal currently circulating in the U.S. Department of Labor is considering a measure that may create a tense atmosphere between servers and employers, as well as opportunities for many wage and hour disputes.

Workers fight wage and hour disputes for overtime

Food services jobs are difficult, demanding and historically low-paying. Often, when Tennessee high school students look for their first jobs, they apply at fast food restaurants and as kitchen help in diners. For them, job experience plus having a few bucks in their pockets or saving to buy a car are the main goals, However, for those who work in hospitality as a way to support their families, the paycheck is everything. Wage and hour disputes can be frustrating and demoralizing.

Wage and hour disputes recover billions in stolen wages

Over the next few months, workers in Tennessee and across the United States will be gathering documents to complete their income tax returns. Some may be shocked when they receive their W-2s and realize just how little money they earned over the past year, especially when they reflect on how hard they worked and how many hours they put in. What may be even more painful is the fact that many of those workers would have earned much more if not for wage theft.

Sprint Corp. accused of wage theft

Despite the old saying, time is not always money. A Tennessee worker may put in more than 40 hours on the job, but if the employer refuses to pay overtime, that worker has essentially given away that time. Forcing employees who qualify for overtime pay to work beyond their scheduled time without compensating them is against the law, and despite numerous lawsuits, one national corporation doesn't seem to be getting the message.

Wage theft is often misunderstood

When people in Tennessee apply for jobs, it is typically because they expect those jobs to help them pay for the things they need, such as rent, clothing and transportation. Certain jobs carry legal minimum wages, and others carry contractually agreed upon pay. Wage and hour disputes arise when workers believe their employers have not paid the amount of money owed for the work they have done. Wage theft may take many forms and is not always easy to identify.

Many servers consider tip pooling a form of wage theft

Serving patrons in a restaurant is a demanding job. It may be one of the few jobs where people's pay depends on how personable and pleasant they are. This is because many Tennessee servers are paid less than minimum wage under the assumption that their tips will equal the minimum. A good server may make considerably more than standard wages, making the job attractive to those with outgoing personalities. However, the Department of Labor may be proposing a change to the rules, which some consider a form of wage theft.

Misclassified skilled workers bring wage and hour disputes

Because certain jobs require more training or education, those who are hired for those jobs may expect to get higher pay than those in other positions. Work that demands more skill or incurs potential danger may be worth more money to a business owner or manager. However, some employers may try to take advantage of a laborer by incorrectly classifying him or her to avoid paying a fair wage. When these wage and hour disputes arise, Tennessee workers may seek legal assistance to get what is rightfully theirs.

Jessica Biel's restaurant accused of wage and hour disputes

It is not uncommon for Hollywood actors to branch out into other fields, such as music or theater. Now and then, an actor tries an industry far removed from the arts, such as running a restaurant. Restaurant ownership is not always what celebrities expect, and when wage and hour disputes erupt, actors may find their reputations on the line. Tennessee fans may recognize one actress who is currently embroiled in such a lawsuit after employees at her elite restaurant complained of wage theft.

Gig work leads to wage and hour disputes

The gig economy is growing in Tennessee and across the country. Employers benefit from having contract workers who do not require insurance or other benefits. Gig workers gain the flexibility of the freelance life. However, more frequently, the gig economy is leading to wage and hour disputes as the definition of gig work become fuzzy.

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