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Class Actions Involving Antitrust Litigation

Modern marketplaces thrive on fair trade. Consumers and businesses make numerous assumptions about the transactions they participate in. Chief among these ideas is the reasonable expectation that people should not have to contend with price fixing, monopolies or other antitrust law violations.

At Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings, PLLC, our lawyers work tirelessly to help our clients secure their rights to equitable dealings. In one notable case, we litigated a consumer protection and antitrust class action against Microsoft, obtaining a $64 million recovery for consumers and $30 million cy pres for Tennessee schools.

Experience Matters

Many modern antitrust cases involve complex invocations of the law. Plaintiffs hoping to bring legal actions against what they perceive to be regular businesses may encounter challenges when they discover that their intended targets are actually subsidiaries of larger enterprises or mere holding companies. In other cases, businesses that violate antitrust law may be owned by foreign or out-of-state entities. These factors can make it difficult to decide how domestic laws should be applied and choose the best course of action when filing a lawsuit or seeking settlements.

Antitrust lawyers must have sufficient case experience to make the right decisions about resolving disputes, bringing bad practices to light and pursuing justice in formal settings. From preliminary investigations to trials, each step in the process has an impact on the ultimate outcome of any given case. Our comprehensive experience and prior successes empower us to offer reliable guidance.

A Thorough Appreciation For Nuance

The corpus of antitrust law evolves continually, and so do the ways in which judiciary officials interpret relevant statutes. As business practices mature and incorporate broader forms of emergent technologies, lawmakers implement new safeguards against anti-competitive practices and refine existing laws.

Attorneys who intend to protect their clients in any form must remain firmly attuned to the pulse of changing legal frameworks. This demands far more than trial and grand jury experience. Legal professionals also require a deep comprehension of how different statutes apply to unique situations and the factors that distinguish specific cases from each other.

The Value Of Effective Representation

When used properly, corporate antitrust litigation engenders lasting societal improvements. It helps wider segments of the population ensure their voices are heard and establishes interpretive standards that reflect the needs of private businesses as well as individuals. It also sets examples that future companies can look to as they expand their organizations and practices.

Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings, PLLC, is firmly committed to the belief that providing effective antitrust representation changes the world for the better. To learn more, contact our Nashville office at 615-254-8801.