Antitrust Litigation

Our firm has a successful history of representing clients who have sued to break up monopolies and other anti-competitive practices. This includes lawsuits involving unlawful collusion among drug companies to suppress competition and pricing, as well as bid rigging in financial and consumer industries.

Our experience includes serving as lead counsel and co-lead counsel in various successful antitrust lawsuits in state and federal court, including:

  • Serving on the Executive Committee in Dahl v. Bain Capital Partners, a federal antitrust case in Massachusetts challenging bid rigging within the private equity/leveraged buyout industry, in which we helped procure a $590.5 million settlement.
  • Acting as lead counsel in Sherwood v. Microsoft Corporation, a class action on behalf of consumers and indirect purchasers in Tennessee, in which we helped our clients reach a settlement valued at $64 million.
  • Serving as co-lead counsel in In re Prograf Antitrust Litigation on behalf of indirect purchaser plaintiffs in a class action in federal court in Massachusetts, in which we helped achieve a $13.25 million class-wide settlement of claims that the defendants utilized a sham “Citizen Petition” to suppress entry of a generic competitor into the market.
  • Serving as lead counsel for end payors in In re Skelaxin (Metaxalone) Antitrust Litigation, a lawsuit challenging monopolistic practices that prevented the generic sale of a prescription muscle relaxant, in which we helped our clients achieve a class settlement of $9 million against one defendant and a separate settlement against the remaining defendant.