General Litigation Practice

We have a well-established track record of successfully representing clients in general litigation matters in state and federal courts across the country. This includes cases involving contract disputes, public records lawsuits, non-compete disputes and other civil matters. We are skilled at written and oral advocacy, discovery, pre-trial motion practice, trial practice, arbitrations and appeals. These include cases involving commercial disputes between companies, a successful lawsuit against the State of Kentucky to obtain a public record that the former Governor sought to suppress concerning the long-term solvency of Kentucky pension funds (Com. of Ky. v. Ellen Suetholz, No. 18-CI-229 (Kentucky Circuit Court), and a successful settlement involving a Black family unlawfully discriminated against at a hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee (Jackson v. White Avenue Hotel, 3:18-cv-00319 (E.D. Tn.).